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About Tekbas Group

TEKBAŞ GROUP, started commercial activities in Adana in 1952 is a group of companies with diversified business areas, has an experience of more than 60 years.  As well as diversification, TEKBAŞ GROUP companies are continuation and complement of each other in the structure of a strong chain.

Tekbaş Group of Companies is a leading company in its own sectors with its brand new  and second-hand vehicle categories, with its corporate structure developed in automotive, spare parts , agricultural products, agricultural tools, agrochemicals, insurance, construction, technology and more than 500 employees. 

Tekbaş is the sole authorized dealer of Honda, Mitsubishi and Citroen vehicle brands in Adana. Tekbaş carries out its activities in the automotive sector with Tekbaş Motorlu Araçlar, Tekbaş Ticari Araçlar and Tekbaş Otomotiv, and provides sales, after-sales and services with the principle of qualified service. In addition to authorized dealerships, it also responds to customer needs and demands in the bodywork, vehicle care and accessories categories for all vehicle brands.

Tekbaş is acting  in the second hand sector with T/2 brand throughout Turkey. Tekbaş Technology has been reshaping the sector with its activities in this field. Tekbaş Technology is a brand that aims to be a leader and profitable service with its potential to make a difference in its sector. Provides brokerage and consultancy services in all matters including automotive sales, insurance transactions, expertise, vehicle warranty, legal transactions and more; With the financing source it provides, it continues its activities with an innovative service understanding based on determining the payment performance of the customers correctly and lending in the right term.

In the field of agricultural products, Tekbaş maintains activities by cereals commerce, drying-storing of corn, wheat and soy products at its own facilites with a capacity of eighty-thousand-tonnes of horizontal / steel silo. Besides, Tekbaş produces and distributes agrochemicals. Many projects throughout Turkey have been succeeded by means of  drip irrigation system which takes first place in the product line with a wide range of agricultural tools. In addition to infrastructure, pipe, filter and similar infrastructure products, remote automation control systems, automatic fertilization systems, motors and machines are offered to customers with Tekbaş difference and assurance. In addition to production capability in certain product groups, Tekbaş Agriculture carries out regional distributorship activities in cooperation with Netafim, Arılı, Poelsan, Turbosan, Sezer, Borfit, Heray, Klepsan, Pilsa, Ege Yildiz and Pan Plast. 

Tekbaş Construction & Architecture, acting in it’s field with its expert staff, continuously  offers modern projects to customers by distributorship of Çanakkale Seramik, Anka Seramik, Kalekim Yapı Kimyasalları, Kalebodur, Kale, Arılı, Ege Yıldız, EdilGres, EdilCuoghi, GPD, Fawori brands for the purpose of selling construction materials, paints, ceramics, heating systems, construction materials related to insulation-sheating, and architecture-decoration applications.

Tekbaş Insurance's vision is to make life and values we have more secure; providing a strong, dynamic, transparent and reliable service with the mission of increasing insurance awareness in the society, product diversity and being the first choice of potential customers as an insurance agent. As a member of Tekbaş Group, Tekbaş Insurance has agencies of Ak Sigorta, Axa Oyak, Türk Nippon, Allianz, Sompo Japan, Liberty/HDI on vehicle, housing, life, PPS, workplace and other insurance transactions.

Tekbaş Group, reflected it’s silo, plaza and insurance experiences coming from the past into two housing projects, realized in Adana and Antalya provinces as the Tekbaş Yapı. At the beginning of 2017 Tekbaş Yapı laid  the foundation of its third big project, which aims to give a direction to the construction sector. During 2019, 600 flats will be delivered as the first stage will be followed by 300 flats as the second stage and finally 300 for third stage., Total 1.200 flats will be delivered to new owners in 48.000 square meters and 8 blocks complex . The project, which offers different sizes of flats, is designed for all age groups with all educational, health, sports and artistic activities.

Another Group Company Roks Otomotiv which is manufacturing pick-up truck accessories, has joined to the Tekbaş Group with Roxform brand as of 2016. Roxform, which carries out its production and sales activities in its facility located in Adana, serving in both domestic and export markets with motto of Super Sharp Solutions and supports its experienced work team with R & D and P & D studies. It provides high quality standards and product quality assurance with innovative / technological approaches.

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